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raffleskink's Journal

The Raffles Fandom Kink Meme
15 March
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Welcome to raffleskink, the Raffles fanwork prompting meme.

Here, you can leave prompts of all shapes and sizes for fic, artwork or other that you wish to see. In return, you may receive a "fill", should someone be inspired by your prompt.

Although kinks in the traditional sense are very much welcome, this meme is intended for prompts of all genres and ratings, gen, slash, femslash(!), from the most child-friendly gen fic to the kinkiest NC-17.


- No real-person prompts/fic.
- You may prompt or post fills either logged-in or anon.
- One prompt per comment.
- Reply to the original prompt with your fill.
- Please warn in the header for anything that may considered triggery, such as non-con, incest, child abuse, extreme violence, character death, etc. If you're not sure if something needs a warning, use your best judgement. If you're still not sure, mention the subject matter in the header anyway, to be safe.
- Characters depicted in sexual situations should be over the UK age of consent (16)
- Please try to fill as well as prompt.

But most importantly, enjoy yourselves!